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Minerva Foods offers its customers high-level products with internationally recognized brands. We know the value of healthy eating, and our products meet the most demanding levels of quality and flavor.

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Minerva is a line specially designed to meet the consumer’s daily menu, with a wide variety and with the best cost-benefit ratio, which makes it possible to taste the best meat without leaving home and have Minerva quality now in various products.

Estância 92

Estância 92 was inspired by the origins of our company and designed to satisfy the most demanding consumers.

Minerva Angus


Minerva Angus brings the best beef in terms of tenderness, juiciness and fat layer, so that you can enjoy sophisticated and international quality beef without leaving your home.

Minerva Seleção


 Excellent ration and juiciness are key words to those who want to savor the best Brazilian beef not only on day-to-day meals but on special occasions also, and that can be done by using Minerva Seleção products.

Minerva Do Mestre


To serve our most demanding food service customers, we developed Minerva do Mestre, a complete and perfect food product line to please restaurants, hotels, steakhouses, bars and cafés consumers.

Olive Oil Alma Luza


Alma Lusa olive oil is delicious, light and versatile and can be used in salads, sauces and even to cook or fry food in a healthier way. It’s that special touch that your meals lacked.

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