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Minerva Foods is one of the leaders in the production and sale of fresh beef and its byproducts, live cattle exports and beef processing in South America.

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Animal Welfare: an area dedicated to taking care of our main raw material

We have restructured our Animal Welfare area (BEA), dedicated to ensuring that the animal ...


10 principles of our Animal Welfare Policy that you need to know

Here at Minerva Foods, we follow the strictest international standards to ensure that ani ...


Pre-slaughter: learn about our animal care and respect practices

Aware that we deal with living beings and that they represent the essential basis of our ...


Commitment to


Sustainability is in our DNA. From the origin of raw materials to the industrialization process, our actions reflect our commitment to a prosperous and sustainable production chain. Learn more.

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Making our people


Our fine business performance is closely linked to the dedication and commitment of thousands of families, employees and suppliers.

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Welfare and


Knowing that it deals with living creatures, which are the basis for the Company’s production process, Minerva Foods always treats animals with dignity, respect and care.

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Quality Products

South American Leader in beef exports


Minerva Foods maintains a solid and transparent relationship with the market, strengthening the bond with its investors


Minerva Foods develops ethical and transparent relationships with cattle ranchers, clients and suppliers.

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