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Minerva Foods offers its customers high-level products with internationally recognized brands. We know the value of healthy eating, and our products meet the most demanding levels of quality and flavor.

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Ana Paula Black Angus


Anyone who has tried the noblest of sirloin cap knows the pleasure of savoring this especially tender and juicy cut. Uruguayan, Ana Paula Black Angus Minerva is prepared in one of the most respected industrial unites on the market that produces high quality beef and exports, mainly, to Europe, Russia, China, Israel and Brazil.



Frigomerc is a Paraguayan brand, whose lines have been developed for casual or special occasions, in which a tender and differentiated beef with an incomparable flavor is sought.

Cabaña Las Lilas


Cabaña Las Lilas is an Argentine brand, a pioneer in the market and synonymous with quality. Its cuts have an excellent fat and marbling finish, which provides a unique consumption experience.



Aberdeen has well known cuts recognized throughout the world for its marbling and flavor. This characteristics preserve taste and juiciness for the beef.

Frigomerc Angus


The care when selection exclusive Angus cattle is recognized all around the world for its incomparable flavor and juiciness. With well distributed fat and marbling, Frigormec Angus offers the best of the south certified by the paraguaian Angus cattle raisers association.

Frigomerc Organic


Frigomerc Organic is paraguain product line that takes all the production chain into account, assuring from the pastures to consumer’s table around the world.

Gran Prado


Gran Prado selected beef cuts are perfect for the day to day meals. With great variety of beef cuts, Gran Prado offers food safety and quality for the consumers.



Pul is an Uruguaian brand, with beed produced under worldwide strict protocols and present fat thickness, cut weight and standard finishing.

Pul Organic


Pul Organic is well known around the world for offering it’s consumers unique palate experiences, with exclusive juiciness. That is due to the cattle being raised GMO, homone and antibiotics free.

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