Minerva Biodiesel is certified for RenovaBio and complies with the national decarbonization policy

A reason for pride and another concrete gesture of our commitment to sustainability, our Minerva Biodiesel business unit is certified and qualified to participate in RenovaBio. With the certification, we complied with the national decarbonization policy and we have joined in a strong Greenhouse Gas(GHG) emission reduction movement, according to the commitment assumed by Brazil at the Paris Conference in 2015.

Qualification for RenovaBio is yet another recognition we have received for seeking to be a reference in the market with sustainable practices, having a clean operation that takes care of the environment, seeking social benefits by strengthening the production chain.

We are in the 36th position in the ranking of the 50 biodiesel plants authorized, by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels, to produce in the Brazilian market. Our Energy-Environmental Efficiency score (NEEA) is 77.1 gCO2eq/MJ, which is considered very positive and which allows us to issue a Decarbonization Credit (CBio) for every 391.1 liters of biodiesel manufactured. We can consider that about 53.4% of our real production will be able to issue decarbonization bonds.

“We are very proud of this achievement. It is another big step towards the trends of the most demanding markets, of a sustainable business model, with clean development mechanisms, focused on balance, economic and socio-environmental well-being. By participating in RenovaBio, we will have even more capacity to generate economic benefits, attract investors, have a more dynamic and competitive access to the financial system”, the Director of Minerva Biodiesel, Marcelo Alcântara de Queiroz explains.

RenovaBio is a program of the Federal Government, launched by the Ministry of Mines and Energy in December 2016, whose objective is to expand the production of biofuels in Brazil, based on predictability, environmental, economic and social sustainability, and compatible with the market growth.