MINERVA S.A. (“Company”), with reference to the Subscription Warrants issued as an additional advantage to subscribers of shares issued by the Company in the capital increase ratified at the Board of Directors’ Meeting held on December 20, 2018 (“Subscription Warrants”), and further to the previous notices on the matter, especially the Notice to Shareholders Holding Subscription Warrants released on December 15, 2020 (“Notice dated 12/15/2020”), and the Notice to the Market released on November 11, 2021 (“Notice dated 11/11/2021”), hereby reiterates and clarifies for Subscription Warrant holders and the market in general that: In line with the previous notices, the Company reiterates that the deadline to exercise the Subscription Warrants will expire on December 21, 2021 (“Maturity Date”)1 , under the following terms:

Conversion Period – December 2021

Deadline to Exercise the Subscription Warrants – December 21, 2021

Board of Directors’ Meeting (Ratification of the Subscription Warrants) – January 12, 2022

In this sense, the Company reminds holders of subscription warrants and the market in general that only the holders of subscription warrants of record on the maturity date will be able to exercise their warrants, observing the procedures for the exercise2, those who effectively appear as Subscription Bonus holders and who adopt in a timely manner, the procedures necessary for its exercise until the Maturity Date.

Lastly, the Company reiterates that, after the maturity date, unexercised Subscription Warrants will automatically lose effectiveness and be canceled, with no need for additional formalities.