Pre-slaughter: learn about our animal care and respect practices

Aware that we deal with living beings and that they represent the essential basis of our production, we always seek to prioritize dignity, respect, and care for animals. We constantly evaluate our good practices, monitoring 6 important steps in the pre slaughter process to ensure Animal Welfare.

1 – In transport:

Before transporting the animals, we always clean and disinfect the vehicle. The trucks have non-slip flooring to help the animal’s stability and we always check the conditions: if there are no wood chips, holes, or sharp objects. In addition, all drivers undergo training to respect the Company’s Animal Welfare policy.

2 – Disembarkation:

At disembarkation, the non-slip and leveled floor with the cargo truck helps in the safety of the animals, as well as the ramps without much inclination. We value the conformity of the handling, opening one truck gate at a time, positioning the manager in the proper way and making the correct use of discharge instruments. We limit the use of the electric stick to only 10% of the animals and the maximum power cannot exceed 50 volts.

3 – Waiting catch pens:

We always promote the cleaning of the corral and ensure that everyone has a non-slip floor, gates and fences in good condition, without corners or tips in the structure that could cause any injury to the animals. Another important care is with the maintenance of the troughs, valuing the cleanliness, constant flow, and access conditions, so that the animals always have good quality water. We also control the density of the catch pens so that all the animals can lie down at the same time and rest.

4 – Driving:

When driving the animals, we are concerned with the proper use of the handling equipment, using rattles and flags as instruments of choice. In addition, the manager is always monitored and instructed to correctly position himself during the driving of the flock respecting the natural behavior of the cattle. The electric stick can only be used on up to 25% of the animals, and slips and falls during handling are limited to 3% and 1% respectively.


5 – Stunning:

Before slaughter, we promote the stunning of the animal with constant monitoring of the stunner pressure to ensure efficiency in the first shot. All signs of loss of consciousness are verified, such as immediate loss of posture, absence of rhythmic breathing and corneal reflex. In addition, we ensure that the process between stunning and bleeding of the animal is fast, not exceeding 60 seconds. Thus, we perform the slaughter respecting the strictest precepts of Animal Welfare.

6 – Bleeding:

Finally, we guarantee the quality of the bleeding cut and respect the minimum time of 3 minutes.