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Minerva S/A fully respects your privacy rights and seeks to protect your personal data in accordance with the legislation in force. Therefore, Minerva S/A does not process any personal data about you on this website without your consent and an appropriate legal basis.

When accessing our website, we will use your personal data to allow you to navigate, use features and additional services, as well as to help us manage the number of users on the website and the time spent on it, among other purposes. These data will be collected through the cookies technology, and therefore, we invite you to read the “COOKIES POLICY” section. However, it is worth noting that when your personal data is collected, they will used for lawful and explicit purposes communicated in a timely manner, such as in the “Cookies Preferences” within the home page of the Minerva’s website, so that you can clearly understand what we will do with your personal data.

We do not sell your personal data to third parties in order for them to market products and services for you. However, all communication over the Internet and information sent by digital means, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn might imply that your personal data is being transferred or even manipulated by third parties. When we do not control the personal data transferred, we cannot be held liable for how other companies use said data.

To serve our customers, consumers and suppliers, Minerva collects personal data through your registration on the Contact page.
Below, we present the personal information collected by Minerva and its respective purposes:

  • Name: we use this data to allow your identification in our service channels;
  • Gender: we use this data to personalize your contact, to publicize actions aimed for specific genders and to make segmented research;
  • E-mail: we use this data to advertise products and services, to make surveys through calls or text messages, to respond your requirements, requests made on our communication channels, or to inform you of transactional issues, such as data from a contract of Minerva’s services, or to inform about open protocols, for example;
    We send emails of promotional purposes according to your preference and your authorization; you can contact us to review this authorization.
  • Phone numbers: we use this data to advertise products and services, to make surveys through calls or text messages, to respond your requirements, requests made on our communication channels, or to inform you of transactional issues, such as data from a contract of Minerva’s services, or to inform about open protocols, for example;
    We make calls and send text messages of promotional purposes according to your preference and your authorization; you can contact us to review this authorization.
  • Location information (zip code, estate, city, neighborhood and address): we use this data to identify how we can support you locally, as receiver of direct mailing, to send you product replacements, to direct services in large cities, to enable you to be served by our customer service team located in your region or the region closest to you.
  • Date of Birth: we use this data to confirm your identity and to ensure child safety, in accordance with the law;
  • Personal identification or business registration document numbers: we use this data to allow your identification in our service channels, as an authentication key when accessing the restricted areas of our digital channels and as a reference for enriching and updating your registration;
    All personal data requested are kept under secrecy and confidentiality, keeping them in a safe environment and not being used for any purpose other than those described above.

Minerva S/A is one of the South American leaders in the production and sale of fresh beef and its by-products, live cattle exports and meat processing. To learn how to contact us, please go to our Contact Page

For web browsing, certain statistical information is available through our Internet service provider. This information may include your IP address, type of browser used, the date when you access our website and the Internet address linked to it. We also use session cookies that enable the browser to remember the webpages you visited on this website. This information can be used to help us improve, manage and diagnose issues with our server and website.

You can send us information on this website through the “Contact Us” page or any other area where you can send emails, request proposals or provide feedback. You can also choose to provide us with your personal data (for example, name, email and postal address or other contact details) via email sent to the address listed on our website. We use these details solely for the purpose for which you provided them (for example, responding to your inquiries and sending updates, recipes and other pieces of news to which you subscribed, etc.).

At any time, you are entitled to withdraw your consent for personal data processing activities depending on it.
You can request that your personal data is not processed for the purposes of legal or contractual requirements. However, this is a not an absolute right and may be overridden by our statutory obligations. In other cases, requesting that your personal data is not processed for a specific purpose may prevent us from honoring a contract or from providing services for you.
You are entitled to:

  • Request for a copy of your personal data maintained by Minerva S/A (access right);
  • Request for the rectification of your personal data maintained by Minerva S/A (rectification right);
  • Request for the deletion of your personal data maintained by Minerva S/A, unless it has to retain it, ensuring the transparency and the security of said retained data (deletion rights);
  • Request for the interruption of data processing for a certain purpose (right to interrupt data processing); and
  • Request for a copy of your personal data in a structured format, commonly used and mechanically legible, so as to enable you to reuse your personal data for your own purposes in different services (data portability rights).

The requests–as long as they are understood–will be dealt with within 15 days after receipt. If the request is not understood for any reason, we will request for a clarification, and the deadline will be counted from the due clarification. The right to substantiate the response is safeguarded, so that in the event of partial compliance or full non-compliance with the request, you will be informed of all reasons.
Send all your requests in writing to the Data Protection Officer via email at
We reserve the right to ask you to provide additional information that enables us to securely authenticate your identity.

We do not share your personal data with third parties that are not described in this Policy. We may share your information in the following circumstances:

  • Service providers: If necessary, we can share your personal data with our service providers in order to provide services for you. If there is breach of our Terms of Use, we can also share your personal data with our legal advisors. All our service providers will be obliged to secure your personal data.
  • Consent: We share your personal information with third parties based on your authorization.
  • Legal and Security Matters: Under certain circumstances, we may share your personal data when we believe that it is reasonably necessary to do so, whether due to legal reasons or to defend our rights, enforce our Terms of Use, ensure the safety of any person and protect our rights, properties, users and customers. For example, we can share your personal data when they are requested by the court.

We usually store personal data in servers based in Brazil. However, in certain cases, it may be necessary to transfer some information to servers abroad. It is important that you are aware that privacy protection in certain jurisdictions may not be equivalent to the Brazilian jurisdiction. We only transfer your personal data to be stored outside Brazil when there are legal guarantees that they will be subject to protection levels in line with the personal data protection legislation in Brazil.

Data retention corresponds to filing or storing personal data regardless of the means used, and the retention time will vary based on the purpose for which the data are used. Minerva S/A retains personal data for the time necessary to comply with specific purposes and in accordance with the legal and regulatory obligations governing the topic.
We are committed to not maintaining your personal data for longer than it is necessary, in addition to reviewing our records on a regular basis.

This cookies policy describes how Minerva S/A uses cookies and other similar technologies, such as tags, in connection with our website (

Yes. Read this cookies policy carefully to ensure that you fully understand how and why we use cookies and related technologies. If you access our website with your browser settings adjusted to enable cookies, you session cookies will be recorded. If you do not agree with the use of essential cookies, you will not be able to navigate through the website. You can activate or deactivate non-essential cookies at any time by accessing the options on the main webpage under “Your Cookies Preference”.

Cookies are small data files consisting of letters and numbers that are placed on your computer or other device. This website uses “essential cookies”, as they are fundamental to our systems to recognize your device. This recognition is necessary to enable the browser to remember the website pages that have already been visited. This information can be used to help us improve, manage and diagnose issues with our server and website.

Yes. For example, you can adjust your browser settings to reject third-party cookies. These settings can usually be found on your browser’s menu under “options” or “preferences”. Alternatively, you can use the “Help” option on your browser to get more details.

Some features of our services may not work or will be prevented from working properly without cookies. As a result, adjusting your browser settings to reject cookies may have a negative impact on your ability to use our website.

If you access our website with your browser settings adjusted to enable cookies, you become aware that your session cookies will be recorded, as described in this cookies policy. If you are not willing to accept the use of cookies, you can:

(a) stop navigating through our website.
(b) use the settings described above to reject cookies.

You can learn more on how to delete and block cookies using the “Help” option on your browser.

We use “session” and “persistent” cookies.
Session cookies are used to identify specific visits to our website. These cookies expire after a short period of time or when you close the browser after using our services.
Persistent cookies will remain on your devices for a period of time specified by the cookies. We use these cookies where required to identify you for a longer period of time.
Some of these uses may involve third-party cookies, i.e. cookies defined by third-party software to carry out, for example, statistical analyses of the webpage’s use and interactions and the website’s paths, or to provide Internet advertisements using an online marketing provider. Third-party cookies may collect information about your online activity over time and about different websites after your visit to our websites.

You are usually not identified by name based on the information collected using these web technologies. However, if you have created a user identification, for example, by subscribing to access an area protected by password on our websites, we can link our collected information with other information that personally identifies you using web technologies.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • Analytics – we use cookies to learn about our services performance and how you and other users utilize them. This enables us to identify errors, learn how our services operate and improve and develop them over time.
  • Website optimization – we use cookies to improve our website’s operation and presentation. This includes cache pages and the identification of possible errors.

We use cookies and other web technologies in several ways. For example, we use these technologies to:

  • Collect information on how visitors use our websites – what pages they visit, what links they click on and how long they stay on each webpage.
  • Support our websites’ features and functionalities. For example, to prevent you from reentering information that is already on our database or from configuring settings adjusted in previous visits to our websites.
  • Customize your experience when you use our websites.
  • Allow third parties (for example, social media websites) to prepare online “audiences” from their users who are current Minerva S/A customers or who share the same characteristics of the Minerva S/A customers, all of whom subject to this third party in relation to privacy settings.
  • “Recognize” you as someone who previously visited a Minerva S/A website or interacted online with us, so we can offer you relevant advertisements when you navigate through other websites, including third-party’s.
  • Measure how successful our web or email marketing has been. For example, if you interact with an advertisement run by a third party on our behalf, we can receive non-identifiable information, such as demographic or general information about your interests.

Whenever enforced by law, we will request your consent before using your personal data, usually through a consent management platform (CMP). In these cases, you can withdraw your consent at any time through the CMP of Minerva S/A. In Brazil, your personal data can be processed based on your consent or other applicable legal basis, as the case may be.

If you have questions about the use of cookies, email us at

We take our security responsibilities seriously, adopting the most appropriate physical and technical measures. We revise our security policy on a regular basis.
This disclaimer and all issues related to this website are exclusively governed by the Brazilian legislation and are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the Brazilian courts.

Delay or failure on our part to comply with any of our rights will not constitute a waiver of our rights and resources. If any part of this Privacy Notice is considered invalid or unenforceable, the validity or applicability of the remainder will not be affected.
If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice, our practices related to this website or how to use it, contact our Data Protection Officer Alexandre Rocha Valeriano at or by telephone +55 17 3321-3355.

Our Privacy Notice is regularly revised. This Private Notice was last updated on December 06, 2020.