Notice to Market – Clarifications about news on the Press – 10/04/2017

Notice to Market

Minerva S.A. ("Minerva" or "Company"), one of the leaders in South America in the production and sale of fresh beef, live cattle and cattle byproducts, with operations also in the beef, pork and poultry processing segments, announces to its shareholders and to the market in general that, in answer to the news article published yesterday by the website "o antagonista", with the title "Coaf identifica repasses de JBS e Minerva para irmã de ex-governador preso pela PF" (Coaf identifies transfers from JBS and Minerva to the sister of the former governor arrested by the Federal Police), which mentions a payment made by the Company to Yasmin Julieta Cardoso Lobo.

The Company states that the amount mentioned in this news article refers to the purchase of raw material by Minerva, in the state of Tocantins, from January 2014 to May 2017, which resulted in the slaughter of 6,319 cattle heads.

All these operations were carried out in the regular course of business, at market prices and within the usual negotiation procedures with the company‘s suppliers.

Minerva reaffirms its commitment with high governance and compliance practices.

Barretos, October 4, 2017

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