Notice to Shareholders – 06/16/2015


Art. 1. The issuer shall disclose to the market the value of the increase and of the new share capital and the increase will be made upon the:

I – conversion of debentures or other debt securities into shares;

II – exercise of the subscription rights or warrants;

III – capitalization of profits or reserves; or

IV – subscription of new shares.

It was resolved due to the capital increase in the amount of R$93,491,999.42 (ninety three million, four hundred and ninety one thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine reais and forty two centavos), upon the mandatory conversion of the 93,492 (ninety three, four hundred and ninety two) Company‘s outstanding debentures on this date and issued under the 2nd Issuance of Public Debentures Indenture, Mandatorily Convertible into Shares, of the Subordinated Species, in a Single Series of Minerva S.A., as amended ("Debentures" and "Deed", respectively), as a result of the issuance of 12,291,293 (twelve million, two hundred and ninety one thousand, two hundred and ninety three) new nominative common shares, with no par value issued by the Company, so that the Company‘s share capital increased to R$ 950,593,097.82 (nine hundred and fifty million, five hundred and ninety three thousand, ninety seven reais and eighty two centavos), divided into 191,993,355 (one hundred and ninety one million, nine hundred and ninety three, three hundred and fifty five) all nominative common shares, with no par value.

Barretos, June 16, 2015.

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