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Minerva is working to become part of the solution in the transition to a low carbon emission economy, bringing together the preservation of natural resources, ensuring animal welfare, as well as solid governance practices, based on the principles of ethics, integrity and care for individuals.

Our Strategy

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We are continuously improving on our environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) agenda. Through the mapping and monitoring of risks and impacts in the production chain, we are defining our priorities for action.

Sustainability is a value for the company, and through it we seek to contribute to the conservation of the planet, to the prosperity of people, and to the well-being of animals. Within the premises defined for instilling the value of sustainability in our organizational culture are the following:

Consider the impacts on the environment and surrounding communities at all time when making decisions;

Respect diversity and promote inclusion without discrimination of any kind;

Use natural resources conscientiously and responsibly; and

Act in favor of people and animals.

To achieve optimized and solid results in our initiatives, projects and partnerships, our focus has been organized around the pillars that make up our ESG agenda.

Dedication to the Planet

We are fully committed to environmental responsibility from start to finish in the cattle-raising chain.
Our focus is on

Reduction of the Carbon Footprint;

Combat climate change and illegal deforestation with monitoring of the cattle supply chain;

Efficient use of natural resources in the production process.

Prosperity of Our People

Caring for those within and outside our operations, respecting Human Rights and undertaking social development initiatives are part of our commitment.
Our focus is on

Local development, creating jobs, income, and professional opportunities;

Health, safety, and well-being of individuals;

Engaging and supporting the surrounding communities and rural producers.

Product Quality and Respect for Life

Ensuring the highest standards for both safety and food quality and animal welfare at all stages of handling.
Our focus is on

Assurance of food quality and safety;

Compliance with best animal welfare practices;

Innovation and certification of processes and steps in the production chain.

Solid and Committed Management

Best practices in governance and risk management, guaranteeing transparency, equity, and corporate responsibility.
Our focus is on

Ethical conduct and integrity in our processes and in our relationships with stakeholders;

Solid risk management and analysis of business opportunities;

Transparency and commitment towards generating value for our shareholders.


We have a team dedicated to defining our strategy and the projects and actions that will be carried out, based on our pillars of activity.

It is the Company’s highest governance body and is responsible for establishing all guidelines for the strategy of the business areas and oversee their results.

Board of Directors

It is responsible for supporting senior management in defining sustainability practices, as well as monitoring and discussing the results. It is composed of board members and three independent members with extensive experience in sustainability and agribusiness.

Conselho Consultivo de Sustentabilidade e Inovação

The CEO, CFO, CTO, CHRO* and other members of the Senior Management, are responsible for establishing the projects and initiatives in order to implement the Company’s strategy, approve investments, and oversee the results obtained.

Senior Management

It is the function of the committee to advance the sustainability agenda throughout the organization and to assist in decision making related to environmental, social and governance issues. The structure is made up of members of the Company’s board of directors.


Is committed to maintaining relationships with external stakeholders in order to communicate the Company’s strategy and engage other related parties.

Institutional Relations Board

Dedicated team responsible for the tactical and operational execution of projects and actions to fulfill the sustainability strategy and commitments. It consists of 23 professionals subdivided into two departments responsible for topics such as traceability of the production chain, management of greenhouse gas emissions, institutional engagement with stakeholders and the Renove program, devoted to promoting low carbon livestock production.

Sustainability Board

*CEO: Chief Executive Officer /CFO: Chief Financial Officer/CTO: Chief Transformation Officer/CHRO: Chief Human Resources Officer

Further information regarding the composition of the management bodies can be found under the tab Solid and Committed Management.

Solid and Commited Management

Industry Commitment

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We actively participate in discussion groups and sector and global agendas to promote sustainable livestock production, animal welfare, and social responsibility in our production chain. Learn more about these initiatives:


Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef – GRSB

The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is a multi-sectoral initiative with representatives from all beef production and consumption regions around the world. The group promotes greater improvement in sustainable beef production through joint efforts among members and by promoting the use of best environmental, land use, and animal welfare practices.

Learn more

Grupo de Trabalho da Pecuária Sustentável (GTPS)

The GTPS (Sustainable Livestock Working Group) promotes the sustainable development of the livestock chain, by creating working groups, distributing information and supporting the continuous improvement of the activity, bearing in mind the balance between the economic, social and environmental pillars.

Learn more

Grupo de Trabalho de Fornecedores Indiretos (GTFI)

The GTFI (Indirect Suppliers Work Group) brings together the various stakeholders of the beef production chain in Brazil to discuss the issue of indirect suppliers and identify potential solutions for traceability, monitoring and transparency with a focus on controlling deforestation among indirect suppliers.

Learn more

Mesa Paraguaya de Carne Sostenible (MPCS)

The MPCS (Roundtable on Sustainable Meat in Paraguay) is a multidisciplinary group that brings together representatives from the entire livestock chain to discuss criteria for the development of sustainable livestock production in Paraguay. Among the criteria are respect for the environment, animal welfare assurance, and the development of economically viable solutions.

Learn more

Mesa de Ganadería Sostenible de Colombia

The objective of the Sustainable Livestock Board of Colombia is, through the union of representatives from public and private organizations, to define a national sustainable cattle ranching policy in Colombia.

Emerging Markets Investor Alliance (EMIA)

It is a non-profit organization that, through a joint effort with investors, companies, governments, and specialists, promotes the circulation of good governance practices and the fostering of sustainable development.

Learn more

United Nations Global Compact

The Pact is a UN initiative to engage governments and companies in promoting sustainable growth and citizenship. It has 10 principles that propose the development of reference practices in Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

Learn more

National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor

The object of this initiative is to involve public and private companies from various sectors in the advancement of decent work. The pact is currently managed by the Pact Institute for the Eradication of Slave Labor, which supports the members in developing strategies for monitoring their value chains.

Learn more


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The progress in our ESG strategy can be observed in our performance in market appraisal indexes.

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Índice de Sustentabilidade Empresarial (ISE)

For the second consecutive year, we have been listed in the portfolio of the ISE (Corporate Sustainability Index), which reflects our commitment to the best social, environmental and governance practices, with sustainability as one of the main pillars in our management model. The current portfolio will be in effect from January 3 to December 30, 2022, and has 46 companies from 27 sectors.

Access the portfolio

Carbon Efficient Index (ICO2)

The index is composed of companies that have adopted practices that are transparent with respect to their greenhouse gas emissions. It was developed by B3 in partnership with the Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES).

Access the portfolio

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

CDP is a non-profit initiative that manages a global system for collecting information available to the outside public. Information is collected on three major issues: Forests, Climate Change and Water Security. Our performance on the three fronts is ranked at management level (B/ B-), in which the company has already adopted actions to address the subjects.

See the detailed reports

Forest 500

The ranking, created by Global Canopy, evaluates the risk exposure of companies to deforestation in their supply chain. We are among the top 5 companies in sustainability policies in the country, which indicates that Minerva Foods is one of those with the lowest risk of having ties to deforestation or potential exposure to forest risk commodity supply chains.

Learn about the initiative

In addition to the recognitions we have received, we hold certifications in different quality and food safety protocols, animal welfare and social responsibility. More details.


Our Policies

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Our Sustainability strategy is communicated throughout our business via our Code of Ethics and global policies and programs.

Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, Food Safety and Social Responsibility Policy

Download in PDF

Code of Ethics – Guide of Conduct

Download in PDF

Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policy

Download in PDF

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

Download in PDF

Conflict of Interest Prevention Policy

Download in pdf

Animal Welfare Policy

Download in PDF

Animal Welfare Program

Download in PDF

Risk Management Policy

Download in PDF

Policy for Negotiation of Securities Issued

Download in PDF

Related Party Transactions Policy

Download in PDF

Material Information Disclosure Policy

Download in PDF

Profit Appropriation Policy

Download in PDF

Policy for Nomination of Members of the Board of Directors, Committees, and the Executive Board

Download in PDF

Compensation Policy

Download in PDF

Performance Evaluation Policy

Download in PDF

Other documents related to risk management and corporate governance can be accessed on our Investor Relations website.


Events Calendar

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Check out the key dates and events concerning our strategy.

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