Cattle Ranchers

Minerva Foods develops ethical and transparent relationships with cattle ranchers, who provide our main raw materials.


We always seek to be close to our suppliers by sharing technical and practical knowledge and providing tools that may contribute to the development of cattle ranching.

To strengthen this relationship even further, we developed the “Laço de Confiança” (Bonds of Trust) Program, which is increasingly solid in Brazil and Colombia.

In addition to holding a series of itinerant lectures related to our “Falando de Pecuária” (Speaking about Cattle Ranching) events, we have the Eficiência de Carcaça (Efficient Carcass) Program, an action to recognize the efforts and dedication of efficient cattle ranching. It also seeks excellent carcass standardization with no breed distinction. We are also present in several industry events.

On this webpage, you can keep abreast of the events in which we participate and register for the “Cattle Rancher Area”, which represents our full transparency in cattle procurement.


During the Environment Week, professor Mateus Paranhos highlights the importance

Last week, we were able to keep track of the lecture “One welfare: a concept and its application,” as part...


Animal Welfare: an area dedicated to taking care of our main raw material

We have restructured our Animal Welfare area (BEA), dedicated to ensuring that the animals that make up our production chain...




Minerva Foods offers its partner suppliers services and products, seeking to strengthen cattle ranching in Brazil and make it more sustainable and profitable across the production chain. A list of our current services and products is as follows:

Eficiência de Carcaça (Efficient Carcass) Program

The second edition of the Efficient Carcass Program (PEC) features new aspects. In addition to Minerva Foods and Phibro Animal Health, Biogenésis Bagó becomes a new partner in this initiative, which aims to disseminate the best practices for efficient cattle ranching, seeking to integrate the entire production chain comprised of producers, the industry and the input sector.

Falando de Pecuária (Speaking about Cattle Ranching) Program

The Speaking about Cattle Ranching Program presents lectures and meetings held by the Company to discuss relevant themes between the industry and cattle ranchers, such as sustainability, farm inputs and beef quality, among others.

Cattle Procurement Office Contact

Our partners have countless advantages and benefits to produce increasingly more and better. Contact the department closest to you and become a partner. Check our contact info here.
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Supplier Service Center (SSC)

Cattle Rancher Direct Channel with the Cattle Procurement team to ask questions and request information, among others.
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The objective of traceability is to guarantee consumers safe and healthy food products by controlling all stages of production, industrialization, transportation, distribution and sale, enabling a perfect correlation between the final product and its raw material.

Cattle Rancher Area

The cattle rancher area provides reports and content for the Company’s partners, in addition to the option to consult the online packing lists.

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