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Here at Minerva Foods, we are deeply committed to sustainability.
It is embedded in our DNA and it is reflected in all that we do, from the procurement of our cattle and all throughout our industrialization processes.  Our policies and procedures are a reflection of our commitment to a vibrant and sustainable production chain.
A testament to who we are each and every day.

Our People

Providing food for life, from one family to another. Country living, on the highways, across the seas, and in communities around the world. The prosperity of each and everyone is essential to us.

Our presence is felt beyond the purchase of our products, it is also a source of prosperity. For that reason, sustainability of both our partners and our people is so important and fundamental to Minerva Foods.

We believe that the success of our business is intimately dependent on the commitment and dedication demonstrated by many thousands of families, our employees and vendors. By focusing on them with attention and care, we are able to deliver to our consumers a product that holds life in high esteem.
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Minerva Foods Social Outreach
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Providing support to communities during the pandemic of the new Coronavirus

The Company has been active in the development of initiatives to protect its employees and their families, its partners and local communities, by providing support in the fight against the spread of the virus.

The Company has been donating PPE, medicine and food to the local departments of the  Secretary of Health, hospitals and other organizations throughout the regions in which it operates, in addition, acquiring Coronavirus tests and renting mobile ICUs in order to provide support to the local municipalities.
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The Assistance Project for Rural Communities (Assistência às Comunidades Rurais), in Pará, also known as PASCOR, provides training and skill development to the local workforce so that they may be better equipped to enter the labor market, thereby increasing income distribution and quality of life.

The project offers vocational courses, wellness and social assistance campaigns for residents of the communities of Curuperé, Curuperé Miri, Curuperézinho, Itacuruçá, Pontilhão, Camotim and Murutinga.
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Campaign InPACTO

Minerva Foods promotes awareness initiatives for the eradication of illegal labor practices throughout all levels of its production chain, reinforcing the commitment it has made to society through the National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor, currently coordinated by InPACTO.
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Minerva Foods Young Apprentice Program

The Young Apprentice Program fosters the hiring and training of young people so that they may fill future technical positions. The selection process aims to integrate these youths into the sectors based on the profile and the technical course in pursuit.

The program was designed in a partnership with the Federal Government and allows for hundreds of young people to enter the job market. The selective process has two stages: registration and interview.
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Welcome Project

Minerva Foods has adopted the approach of the Federal Government's Operation Welcome (Projeto Acolhida), by integrating Venezuelans in the Rolim de Moura (RO) plant, strengthening its advocacy for diversity. This initiative is designed to contribute to the integration of these professionals into Brazilian society by providing fair and lawful employment opportunities.

As part of the integration process, these individuals received training in health and safety practices, human resource policies, and procedures for quality assurance. In addition they were given specific training for each function that they would be performing.
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Project Arrastão

Established in 1968, Project Arrastão (Projeto Arrastão) is a non-profit organization that welcomes and supports families in the region of Campo Limpo that are living under conditions of poverty. This program for humanitarian advancement and community development is carried out alongside these families and has given rise to the programs offered in the areas of education, culture, income generating, housing and quality of life. Minerva Foods has partnered with this organization and makes monthly donations in order to provide healthy meals to the children assisted by the program.
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Open House

Each year, the Company opens its doors to the public around their operations for its annual Open House (Portas Abertas). This is an opportunity for the public to learn more about the operational units in their communities, their main activities of operation, environmental controls as well as different products and services that are offered by the Company. Last year, the Company organized social activities for more than 5,000 attendees to the Open House in its various units.

Among the most significant of these activities were basic medical check-ups, such as eye exams, blood pressure checks and blood glucose measurements, as well as dental health check-ups, and guidelines on the prevention of breast and prostate cancer. In addition, Children's Day was celebrated, with the participation of the children and families of Company’s employees and those of the community.
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Training Program for People with Disabilities

Since 2016, in partnership with the City of Barretos, the Company has unveiled two classrooms at the Solange Lana de Ávila Municipal Rehabilitation Center.  Where a training program has been developed, which includes training strategies aimed at developing professionals prepared to meet the demands of the job market. Beyond sponsoring the initiative, the Company anticipates that will be able to receive a number of these trained professionals.
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Attitude of a Champion

This program is designed to promote integration, the exchange of best practices, and employee engagement in a continuous improvement of the processes, with the aim to increase operational efficiency and growth of the company and its employees. Attitude of a Champion (Atitude Campeã) engages all of the units of the Company in Brazil and Paraguay in a healthy competition in which key production indicators are measured, compared, evaluated and analyzed on a monthly basis, awarding points to the best units and the best sectors. These champions are then awarded according to monthly results and consolidated results for the year.

to the Planet

We believe that our purchase of cattle goes beyond its origins, it is in the well-being of the livestock chain.

Therefore, it is a matter of making the purchases by carefully analyzing each lot and property, as getting it done correctly, is fundamental to Minerva Foods. The use of satellite technology, together with constant critical analysis, using certified and validated procedures, have allowed us to guarantee livestock that has been raised in pastures free of deforestation, that have not encroached on indigenous lands or environmental protection areas, and are free from the use of child and/or slave labor. Our products originate through responsible sourcing, as we understand that this awareness protects the flora and fauna, thereby mitigating the effects of climate change.

Our industrial operations are driven by operational efficiency and employee commitment. We operate modern water and effluent treatment plants, a program for the management of solid waste and the monitoring of atmospheric emissions, all guided by the Performance Standards of the International Finance Corporation and evaluated through efficiency programs such as Attitude of a Champion (Atitude Campeã).
In 2019, there was a reduction of 6.5% compared to 2018 for units in Brazil. This is equivalent to 48,176 m³ of water.
thousand tons
In total, 2,984,355 kg of solid waste was sent for recycling through Divisão Brasil (Brazil Division) and 2,127,358 kg through the operations of Athena Foods.
In 2019, there was a 5.0% reduction in energy consumption for the units in Brazil, when compared to 2018. This is equivalent to 7,886,723 kWh.
Taking into account all the units operated by the Company, emissions were reduced by 41% for all Kyoto Protocol greenhouse gases. If we only take into account the units located in Brazil, there was a reduction of 61%.

Leader in
Sustainability along
the supply chain

100% of purchases are verified for:

- Environmental Compliance;

- The list of areas embargoed by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) is referenced;

- Labor Compliance;

- A review of the Register of Employers (Cadastro de Empregadores) who have submitted their employees to conditions comparable to slavery, issued by the Labor Secretary of the Ministery of Economics (Secretaria de Trabalho do Ministério da Economia);

- Land Title Regularization;

- Consultation of the Rural Environmental Registry (Cadastro Ambiental Rural) and other documents of land tenure.

Geospatial Monitoring in the Brazilian Amazon and Paraguayan Chaco

Geospatial monitoring via satellite imaging is performed on the properties of suppliers located throughout the Amazon biome to determine the occurrence of deforestation, encroachment of indigenous lands, and into conservation areas.

This commitment reaches out into Paraguay, where Minerva is pioneering geospatial monitoring of the Chaco biome by adopting criteria concerning illegal deforestation, encroachment of indigenous lands, and into environmental preservation areas.

More than 50% of the suppliers in the region have already been mapped in just over one year of operation in the country.

Additional figures on sustainability:

Product Quality and Respect for Life

Here at Minerva Foods, we understand that we are working with living beings and that they represent the essential foundation of our production, thus the actions of Minerva Foods in the handling of animals always prioritize dignity, respect and care.

Through the use of modern equipment and specialized employees, the well-being of each of the animals is safeguarded throughout their journey.  In addition, Minerva Foods keeps track of daily indicators along with a program specifically designed for the diagnosis of critical points called “Trajeto do boi (path of the bull), striving for the continuous improvement of structures within the industry.  In the event of any irregularity, the site or transfer is suspended until the well-being of the animal can be properly guaranteed.

Through continuous modernization and certified processes, our factories have the most prominent and recognized international certifications of quality and food safety, allowing us to bring to our customers high-quality products with total confidence, from family to family.

Programa de
Bem-estar Animal

Animal Welfare

The Company has established an Animal Welfare Program that is based on a strict policy of zero tolerance towards acts of abuse, negligence or mistreatment of animals, with the purpose of always applying the best practices for animal handling, training for those involved and continuous verification process at all stages of production.

For this purpose, specific internal auto-control procedures have been adopted in all plants of Brazil and abroad, encompassing daily and weekly checklists of indicators, in addition to monthly internal audits. The criteria for the requirements of the animal welfare of the Company, exceed those established by the standards and legislation of Brazil. It has adopted rigorous standards of animal welfare within their operations complying with legislation such as the European Union Regulation 1099, the American Meat Institute  Protocol of the United States (AMI), and the European Union and Chilean Traceability Regulation, in addition to the compliance of specific customer requirements.

International Certificate of Excellence

of Excellence
Minerva Foods understands that animal welfare is the guiding principle of ethical and sustainable animal production and respects this. Thus, it is based on Brazilian legislation and its main practices are supported by codes and protocols of international recognition, such as the NAMI (North American Meat Institute), by renowned Dr. Temple Grandin. Minerva Foods' industrial facilities are certified by WQS (World Quality Services), endorsing the efficiency of the implementation of the Animal Welfare Program during the whole process. In 2020, the units received scores above 99% compliance in audits, a confirmation of our excellence.


At Minerva Foods, we focus on frequent training of both our internal teams and suppliers to help spread the knowledge about the key guidelines that will guarantee our Animal Welfare Program.

Training is focused on those professionals who directly handle live cattle in the industry and those involved in their transportation. In addition, annual training programs are conducted in collaboration with outside consultants in order to cement good animal welfare practices into the routine of the workers.

Additionally, training is provided for cattle ranchers and their employees for the establishment of a reliable partnership.

Message from
the Director

Our commitment to sustainability can be observed in the value of each and every link of the food production chain, from one family to another, from the farm to the tables of customers all over the world.
Taciano Custódio
Director of Sustainability
for Minerva Foods

do Diretor

Nosso compromisso com a sustentabilidade está refletido em todos os elos de valor da produção de alimentos, de família para família, do campo à mesa de clientes em todo
o mundo.
Taciano Custódio
Diretor de Sustentabilidade
da Minerva Foods

Sustainability Reports